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A friend with weed is better...

A friend with breasts and all the rest.

Cuddling Whore
10 November 1986
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Gaanaru is that special kind of adolesent/homicidal/demon love! :3

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Date Created:5/9/05
Number of Posts: 50

Homo's life, all in journal format. She doesn't like to bite unless you piss her off. She has a close, select group of friends whom she loves. She's only doing this because she wants to be cool too.
Strengths: video games, RPing, writing, singing... easily amused by shiney objects and can be dis- ooo.. I like this game.
Weaknesses: when emoing, can be very.. mean.
Special Skills: She can rap lykwhoa.
Weapons: A pen.
Music: Music is her life. Without it, she feels empty on the inside. And dies a little. Emo/Rock are her favourite. Go Emo.

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